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Version: 7.20

This is a demonstration program that illustrates the features of DXplain. The actual DXplain program is an interactive program where the user enters clinical information and requests access to the DXplain knowledge base, or asks DXplain to provide diagnostic decision support. In contrast, this demonstration program is static; the buttons are not active. You can click to go forward or back through the demonstration screen.

DXplain is owned by Massachusetts General Hospital and access is provided only after executing a license with MGH. Access is limited to hospitals, medical organizations, and medical schools. For information about how to obtain a license to use the actual DXplain program, see the details on our home page: http://dxplain.net.

You can contact us at:

DXplain should not be used to make a clinical diagnosis or replace or overrule a licensed health care professional's judgment or clinical diagnosis.
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